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About us

What we do

Material Cost Savings

Through the efficiencies of on-site generation compared with the grid we sell discounted low carbon energy, typically saving our customers greater than 20% on their energy costs per annum.

OS Gen Fully Funded

By funding the capital for the technology, installation and ongoing service and maintenance, customer investment risk is zero.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Through a combination of low carbon technologies and our OS Gen Sustainability programme, the energy generated has a net zero carbon footprint over the life of the agreement.

Technology Expertise

OS Gen focus on low carbon efficient generation & storage technologies including Combined Heat & Power (CHP), Generators, Solar PV, Battery Storage and EV chargers.

Our Principles

Financial – The on-site generation solutions we install generate savings that allow customers additional funds to reinvest and grow their businesses.

Low Carbon – OS Gen’s ethos is to support our customer’s journey towards a low carbon planet.

Risk Responsibility – OS Gen take responsibility for the risk. From installation to servicing and constant monitoring, we manage and pay for all costs to alleviate the risk and time demands on our customers.

Long Term Partners – We work with like-minded people and businesses to create positive relationships that achieve significant financial and environmental results for both sides.

History & People

Formed in 2018 by 3 founders with more than 20 years each in energy brokerage, generation technology installation and turnkey solutions.

Focused on the SME market across Public and Private sectors.

Our philosophy is to work with strategic partners spanning technologies, installation and support to provide a full end-to-end service.

We focus on running an operationally excellent business that allows us to pass on significantly higher savings to our customers than our competitors.

OS Gen has offices and staff throughout the UK covering sales, installation and service support.


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What our clients say...

"OS Gen provides Barrow Park with a significant discount on our energy costs. With no requirement for us to purchase, install or maintain the CHP solution, this frees up capital to spend on our front-line services and further improve the unique services we provide for our customers."
For HICA it is essential that our Care and Retirement Villages provide the most comfortable environment for our residents. The financial and carbon savings we get can be used to invest in our front-line care. With no upfront capital required, the decision was simple”
"Our relationship with OS Gen is helping us to substantially reduce our energy costs and reduce our carbon footprint. The risk-free solution provided, including zero capital and ongoing costs made this a simple business and environmental decision for us”. "

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