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OS Gen offers fully funded, low-carbon energy solutions to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy costs,utilising combined heat and power, generators, solar PV, battery storage, and EV chargers.


OS Gen clients typically save on average, between 15% and 20% on energy costs

By entering into a Power Purchase Agreement, clients can save money and reduce emissions, with OS Gen managing operational, performance, and maintenance risks.

Material Cost Savings

Through the efficiencies of on-site generation compared with the grid we sell discounted low carbon energy, typically saving our customers greater than 20% on their energy costs per annum.

OS Gen Fully Funded

By funding the capital for the technology, installation and ongoing service and maintenance, customer investment risk is zero.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Through a combination of low carbon technologies and our OS Gen Sustainability programme, the energy generated has a net zero carbon footprint over the life of the agreement

Technology Expertise

OS Gen focus on low carbon efficient generation & storage technologies including Combined Heat & Power (CHP), Generators, Solar PV, Battery Storage and EV chargers.

Client Value

Our approach covers the full solution life-cycle of Assessment, Design, Installation and Lifetime support.

By entering into the OS-Gen Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), our clients save money and the planet benefits from reduced carbon emissions.

Material Financial Savings

  • Immediate savings
  • Average 20% saving on energy costs
  • No capital outlay for the purchase and installation of the solution.
  • No ongoing charges for Service and Maintenance.

Proven Technology

  • Reliable, efficient widely installed technology portfolio
  • Fuel options for CHPs, Generators

Low carbon footprint

  • Renewable and low carbon technology solutions
  • UN accredited Global Sustainability programmes
  • Net zero over duration of agreement

Installation Excellence

  • Business continuity maintained
  • Bespoke Indoor and outdoor enclosures
  • Emissions and Noise compliance

Lifetime Support

  • Remote management, diagnostics, and performance monitoring
  • Rapid response engineers for both planned and unplanned events
  • Adjustable support model
    5 x 17, 7 x 24

Customer Risk Transfer

  • Investment risk
  • Operational risk
  • Performance risk
  • Service & Maintenance risk.

Capital Purchase

OS Gen believe the benefit of a PPA agreement allows our clients to focus on their core business, avoid the capital expense and ongoing maintenance risk. This allows the capital to be allocated to key front-line products and services.

Our business model is focused on owning, managing and operating on-site generation solutions. This incentivises us to ensure that energy generation and energy savings are delivered for our clients, and that income is realised for OS Gen through the billing of the discounted energy we generate.

We also recognise that a Capital Purchase approach can also be the best option for our clients depending on their investment and asset ownership strategy. This option is available for all technologies in the OS Gen portfolio and its partners on request.

Reduce your carbon footprint & save money on your business energy today.

OS Gen solutions

OS Gen work with our customers to determine the appropriate technology or combination of intergrated technologies to deliver energy savings and satisfy the near and long term carbon reduction goals of the energy delivered. OS Gen provide unbiased advice on which combination of technologies and fuels deliver the best energy savings case and the associated carbon footprint for that solution.

We will then procure, install, commission and maintain the selected solution at no cost to our customers

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

On-site CHP technology is a highly efficient way of generating both electricity and heat from a single fuel source such as natural gas, LPG, or biodiesel. The energy generated also delivers a lower carbon footprint and is recognised through the Governments CHPQA standard, where qualifying CHP solutions benefit from Carbon Change Levy (CCL) tax relief on the fuel used to generate the energy.


On-site generator technology is a highly efficient way of generating electricity from a single fuel source such as natural gas, LPG, or biodiesel. Energy produced by the generator is more efficient than that supplied by the National Grid, resulting in energy savings compared with those delivered through the grid.


Solar PV (Photovoltaic), is a common source of renewable electricity which saves carbon dioxide emissions and helps stop climate change. Balancing the seasonality effectiveness of Solar PV, ideally installed alongside baseload energy technologies including CHPs and Generators, provides a key generation solution on the path to Net Zero.

Battery Storage

Battery Storage solutions alongside baseload energy technologies such as CHPs and Generators and renewables, are becoming financially viable for storing and releasing electricity to match the demand peaks and troughs of a sites electricity needs.

EV Charging

As Petrol and Diesel cars are phased out and replaced with Electric vehicles (EV), businesses are installing more and more EV Charger solutions on their sites. This in turn increases the demand for electricity. Integrating EV charging solutions with correctly sized baseload technologies such as CHPs and Generators plus renewables is key to managing this increased electricity demand.

Micro Turbine

Micro-wind turbines generate clean renewable energy and are one of the most cost-effective sources of electricity. However, installation challenges include noise and aesthetics. Like solar power, wind power is also intermittent, meaning that turbines are reliant on weather and therefore aren’t capable of generating electricity 24/7. Installing micro-wind turbine solution with other baseload technologies will give a more effective balance of energy generation and lower carbon footprint.

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