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HICA Buckshaw Retirement Village

  • Sector: Retirement and Care Homes
  • Technology: Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

The Business Opportunity

The award winning HICA Buckshaw Retirement Village near Chorley in Lancashire has 2 distinct buildings.  The Court which is an apartment complex where the residents own their apartments and the Lodge which is a more traditional Care Home, with individual rooms and a full care service.

Both buildings have 24 hour a day and all year electric and heat demand. With energy being a significant part of their overall costs, HICA identified the opportunity to reduce their energy costs and their carbon footprint through the installation of a Combined Heat & Power (CHP) solution, without the need to allocate valuable capital to the project.

The Lodge was installed first in October 2019 with The Court planned for later in 2021 until delayed by COVID-19.  This, larger 100kW CHP when installed in early 2023, will deliver further additional savings.


All capital required for the purchase, installation and ongoing servicing and maintenance provided by OS Gen.

HICA Buckshaw Retirement Village

  • More that 15% saved on annual electricity and heat bills
  • The site has a 50kW Combined Heat & Power (CHP)
  • Over 90% of total site electricity demand generated
  • 70kW heat provided, equivalent to 1 x 70kW boiler working constantly

The Solution

HICA management partnered with OS Gen to install an on-site generation solution consisting of a 50kW Combined Heat & Power (CHP) for the facility.

A bespoke low noise enclosure was designed and installed to blend seamlessly with the buildings and surroundings used by the residents.

OS Gen covered the capital cost of the CHP, the Installation, and the ongoing cost of Service and Maintenance over the lifetime of the partnership.

The heat and electricity energy generated by the CHP systems are charged back to Buckshaw at a discounted rate set against the prevailing rates charged by the current utility providers through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

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