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New Client Announcement: Big Box Leisure Club

OS Generation Group, the leading sustainable energy company focussed on on site energy generation for the leisure and hospitality sector, has won a competitive bid to provide Big Box Leisure Club in Huddersfield with a multi-phased programme of energy technology solutions which will deliver significant financial savings and carbon reduction for the 60,000 sq ft site when it opens in January 2024.

Through a mix of innovative on-site energy technologies including, CHP, Solar, Battery Storage, heat pumps and more, OS Generation Group is able to provide tailored solutions to its clients to help them on their roadmap to net zero – saving them money and carbon for the planet.

Following a £4million transformation, Big Box Huddersfield will be a state-of-the-art facility including a 25-metre eight lane swimming pool, a thermal spa with sauna, steam room and spa pool, multiple studios, 150+ gym stations and a café.

Programme of On Site Energy Technologies

The multi-year agreement will see OS Generation Group provide the site on the Tandem Industrial Estate with on-site energy generation solutions including Combined Heat and Power (CHP), and Solar PV in the first phase. This will be followed by the introduction of other technologies including Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and EV Chargers in the near future to further support Big Box Leisure’s sustainable energy initiatives.

With energy being a substantial cost of operating the club, OS Generation Group provided a fully funded solution where all capital and operating costs are covered by OS Generation Group and discounted energy sold back to Big Box Leisure at a discount of up to 21% against their current utility provider’s rates for power and gas based on their forecasted consumption rates. When the first phase is complete, this is forecast to give savings of around £85k per annum when both the CHP and the maximum solar solutions are live. In addition, these solutions will also save approximately 160 tonnes of carbon per year.

Jamie Lyne, owner of Big Box Leisure said,

The programme of on-site energy generation solutions proposed by OS Generation Group presented us with significant cost and carbon savings and with no capital outlay required, it allows us to focus on enhancing our customer experience. With OS Generation Group’s long-term commitment to constant evolution of their technology solutions, we have a partner who will work with us on our pathway to net zero.”

Andrew Crowley, co-founder of OS Generation Group said,

We are delighted to be partnering with Big Box Leisure on this very impressive site. The Big Box Leisure team has an incredible vision for the club and OS Generation Group’s on-site energy solutions will provide cost and carbon savings to support this.

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